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Our mission is to inspire and empower every individual with the enduring principles of liberty, justice, and representative government. We seek to champion secure and transparent elections that honor the rights of all citizens, transcending barriers of race, creed, and background. Through a commitment to civic engagement, personal growth, and the protection of one person – one vote, we aspire to ensure that every voice is heard and that the American dream remains accessible to all, preserving the spirit of our great nation for generations to come.

The Problem


It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent, we’ve heard the distrust of electronic voting systems that have proprietary code that cannot be audited. We’ve seen the sloppy chain of custody protocols with unlimited mail-in ballots. The voter rolls are a mess. Hear the Dominion executive in his own words describe the accuracy of hand counting paper ballots. It’s time for a change.

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The Solution


We need paper ballots, hand counted at the precinct, including absentee, on election day. This decentralizes the process and allows for greatest transparency. Legislative proposals are being drafted and hand counting protocols are being evaluated. The time to act is now.  

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Take Action


We need your help to engage with your legislators in each respective district to call for a special session to change to a hand counted paper ballot system.  We need help cleaning the voter rolls. We need volunteers to assist with the  hand counting of  ballots.  And, we need you to help recruit others to do the same. Or, just join us to stay informed.

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