Tuesday, November 14th, the Grady County Board of Commissioners granted us a Paper Please Workshop to present on going to Emergency Paper Ballots under Georgia O.C.G.A. 21-2-324 and Rules and Regulations 183-1-12-.11(2)(c)&(d). Unfortunately, we were not successful at convincing them.  Watch the proceedings here and feel free to use our presentation below.  

On November 10th, federal court Judge Amy Totenberg issued a 135 page order in the Curling vs. Raffensperger case for a bench trial scheduled for January 9, 2024.  She had previously declared that the QR code that is printed on the ballot selection summary was in violation of Georgia O.C.G.A. 21-2-300, which states “electronic ballot markers shall produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector.”  Yes, there is a printed summary of your selections but only the QR code is utilized in the tabulation.  We will be watching this case closely as it proceeds to trial. You can read the full order below.

On November 1st, the Georgia Senate Ethics Committee met in Atlanta. The purpose was to inquire why the Secretary of State had not initiated an upgrades of the electronic voting software and other cybersecurity risks. There was also a packed room of election integrity advocates, some ready to speak during public comment portion.  The meeting started with approximately 14 state senators to hear from the SOS office and representatives from Dominion.  Secretary of State Raffensperger was notably absent.  By the time the public comment portion started, 10 of the state senators had left, as well as the representatives from the SOS office. If one of your senators is on the Senate Ethics Committee, you might want to inquire if they stayed to hear from the public or if they left and why.  You can watch the proceedings here. Or, scroll down below in the top left to the 11/1/2023 Ethics video.