What is Georgia “leadership” afraid of?  At a recent GOP Fish Fry in Perry, Georgia, election integrity apparel and vendors were banned.  See the revealing actions of political censorship and admissions from Governor Kemp that “if you give anybody a voting computer, they can hack it”.  

All we’re seeking is elections that we can trust.  We need hand marked paper ballots, publicly hand counted at the precinct on the day of election.  

Election integrity activists packed the room again at the December 19, 2023 Georgia State Election Board meeting. Of important note for this meeting, Joe Rossi originally had two cases that were to be discussed before the board. Case #SEB2023-025 which had been investigated and placed in the category “Recommended for Referral to the Attorney General’s Office”. This case involved 17,852 missing ballot images and 4,081 double counted batches in Fulton County for the 2nd machine count in the 2020 General Election. On the Friday before the SEB meeting, this case was continued (pulled) from the agenda. A second case SEBBI2023-001 was a board inquiry case also brought forward by Joe Rossi calling for the Georgia State Election Board to investigate SOS Brad Raffensperger for violations of Georgia’s Election Code. For details on both of these cases see Rossi video on Voice of Rural America with BKP.

After the resignation of Judge Duffy as SEB Chairman, there were only 4 remaining board members. In a surprising move, interim Chairman Matt Mashburn voted to create a tie (2-2) on the decision to investigate SOS Raffensperger in the SEBBI2023-001 case. It all seemed pre-planned as the meeting was opened by Mashburn with a discussion about the SEB not formally adopting Robert’s Rules of Order (RRO) for their proceedings only to use them as a guide. RRO allows for the chairman to vote to break a tie. In this case, it was used to create a tie so the measure failed. A second motion was passed to refer this matter the Georgia Legislature.

Again, with a packed room, activists filled all the public comments speaking spots in the Part 1 video below. Go to 02:36:00 for the public comments.

Morning session of first day of SEB meeting which includes public comments.
Titled as Part 3, this is actually the 2nd part of the first day of the SEB meeting where Joe Rossi makes his case for investigating SOS Raffensperger for violating Georgia Election Code.

During the 12.19.23 State Election Board, election integrity activists held a press conference admonishing the SEB on the removal of Joe Rossi’s case #SEB2023-025, which had been investigated and placed in the category of “Recommend referral to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution”. In addition, at the urging of Rossi, a new type of case had been created case #SEBBI2023-01 for a board inquiry on whether the SEB could investigate the Secretary of State for violating Georgia election laws. See separate post for video of the SEB meeting.

Video courtesy of Ted Metz