Last week, the Democracy Defense Project, a group of former Georgia governors and officials, launched a media campaign to assure Georgia voters that our election system is safe and secure. They claim voting machines are reliable and verifiable. However, they are either misinformed or misleading the public. Georgia has an election system that is “tore up from the floor up”. Let’s review the facts and the evidence.

Ongoing Court Case on Unsecure Electronic Voting

Georgians are waiting for a decision from Judge Amy Totenberg on the case Curling vs. Raffensperger. This case, which started seven years ago, called for the removal of the old Diebold voting machines and now includes the newer Dominion machines. During the trial, an expert witness hacked an election machine in front of the judge using just a pen. The Secretary of State’s (SOS) office admitted they have outsourced cybersecurity. Judge Totenberg has previously ruled that the voting system is unverifiable and breaks two Georgia laws. Despite warnings from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other agencies, no updates have been made in four years. We’re still using the same machines, and even Governor Kemp admitted “you give anyone a voting machine and they can hack it”.

Election Law Violations

Recently, the Georgia State Election Board reviewed case #SEB2023-025, which found over 140 violations of Georgia Election Code by Fulton County in the 2020 election. They recommended a criminal investigation. Board member Dr. Janice Johnston said the election should not have been certified. The best the board could do was reprimand Fulton County and appoint a monitor. The Georgia GOP State Committee also reprimanded the board and demanded action from the Attorney General. It’s unclear if the board will reopen the case.

SOS Malfeasance and Voter Roll Manipulation

In the Lovell/Tullos et al vs. Raffensperger case, plaintiffs argued that Georgia election officials failed to follow laws and duties regarding elections. Two amicus briefs were filed as evidence. The Coovert brief showed that the SOS never conducted a 2020 machine audit as claimed. The Brooks/Strahl brief found evidence of massive synthetic identity theft and voter roll manipulation over the past ten years. This manipulation continued in 2022 and is happening now in 2024, involving tens of thousands of fraudulent voter roll changes summarized in this fraud report.

What Can Citizens Do?

There is a lot of evidence showing problems with Georgia’s election system, but not all court cases have been tried, and not all legal arguments have been heard. Georgia voters are still being injured and rights are being violated by this flawed system. Our judicial, executive, and legislative systems seem compromised as they have failed to address these issues. What can citizens do? Get informed, get the facts, and get engaged. We must hold accountable the officials who have violated the law and the public trust. This is the only way to restore election integrity and confidence in Georgia. Change will only happen if YOU get involved.

Field Searcy is co-founder of, a grassroots volunteer effort to bring election integrity to Georgia elections.

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