• Call your County Commissioners

  • Call your State Representative and State Senator


  • Call State Government Leadership:
    • Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger
    • Speaker of the House Jon Burns
    • Representative Max Burns, House Ethics & Election Integrity
    • Representative Mandi Ballinger, House Rules
    • Representative Richard Smith, House Rules
    • Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch
    • Senator Frank Ginn, Senate Rules
    • Senator Matt Brass, Senate Rules
    • Lt. Governor Bert Jones
    • Governor Brian Kemp

  • Get your County Commissioners to call them as well. 

Tell them we need a Special Legislative Session this year, to require all counties to use security grade, hand-marked, hand-counted (including absentee) ballots at the precinct on election day publicly recorded and transparent to the people.  Electronic voting system cannot be patched.  We need you to put trust back into OUR elections and OUR vote.

Links to find your state representative and state senator. Download this handy sheet to call the leadership a few each day of the week.  Volunteer by joining our grassroots team from all over the state.

Another way to contact your representatives is through VoterGA’s Save Georgia’s 2024 Election. This tool allows you to send a direct email to your state representative, state senator, Lt. Governor and Governor calling for a Special Session. Then, it will help you make calls to their offices.

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