On October 3, 2023, a number of Georgia citizens attended the State Election Board meeting in Atlanta.  During the public comment period, a resolution signed by them was read and hand delivered to the board members.  This resolution, a copy of which is enclosed, calls for the State Election Board to provide clarity to election boards and superintendents of their authority under the law to utilize emergency hand marked paper ballots rules and procedures per Georgia Rules & Regulations 183-1-12-.11(2)(c)&(d).  This is needed due to the reasons outlined in the enclosed resolution.

We ask that the Secretary of State and the State Election Board come together on this matter for the good of the people of this state. A hand marked paper ballot will show full voter intent and a hand count of all races in conjunction with the tabulator count will help restore transparency and trust in Georgia’s elections. 

For links to all cited code and reports, download this original PDF. Feel free to repurpose and present to your local Board of Commissioners, Board of Elections and/or Election Superintendents.

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